Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bus Stop

There I was with my heart in my hands,
nowhere to go, no pressing demands.

Alone at the bus stop I sat late at night,
discarded and empty, sad was my plight.

The cars they drove by uncaring and swift,
careening towards midnight, while I sat adrift.

My self esteem lay under the ground,
buried, forgotten, and made not a sound.

I was down and out forgotten and blue,
with nary a friend, my soul dead it's true.

But then a man came walking by,
he smiled politely and said ''hi".

He took the seat right next to mine,
and we sat and talked for a good length of time.

I told him my troubles and woes top to bottom,
and marveled relieved when I all but forgot them.

When he got up to leave, I followed him--
I had nothing else, zero to give.

I stayed with this man, generous in heart
and soon came to know we'd never part.

It's been many years since that fateful night,
so much has changed, so much is right.

Eternity now waits for this precious soul,
and all because He made me whole.

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