Monday, September 16, 2013


As summer fades and autumn creeps in picking up momentum as the days go by, my mind adjusts.  Fleshing itself out like a newborn putting on weight, the season takes form and I watch, observant and curious. Things are changing; light is shifting and the sun readies for a snooze. Nodding off, I start to fall asleep as well.  Somnolent and heady, these impending months lull me into slumber, a different dimension now chilly and contemplative filled with their own treasures.

Where summer was brash and insouciant, fall is modest and moody, winding down it's cha cha and slowing to a trot.  I feel sluggish and sad as I adjust to a pace no longer carefree and blithe.  If I tossed my cares to the wind in the wee months of heat now I bare them bravely, weeping with nostalgia (am I being melodramatic?  I'm listening to Wagner).

A forlorn fan sits on my desk; a relic of days gone by.  I'll be putting it away soon and my heart bleeds.  But autumn comes, and with it cozy, reflective days, root vegetables and the like...

If summer was flowers by my computer, fall is a pumpkin on my desk.  I guess that's not so bad.

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